• [Types] of Drug Crimes in Austin, TX

    Types of Drug Crimes in Austin, TX
    Drug charges are very serious in Austin Texas and it’s really important to understand all the different drug charges if you live in the state, especially if you have been charged for something like possession. Take the time to learn about the different forms of possession and the penalties that come along with different drug types and you’ll have a much better idea of what you can expect if you or someone else close to you is caught with illegal drugs. We’ll explain what to expect and also how you can get help with a qualified DWI attorney in Austin, TX to help reduce your charges.

    Possession of Paraphernalia

    The first type of drug crimes in Austin TX doesn’t involve any drugs at all, but the items that you need to make, use or sell them. People caught holding an object that has clearly been used with illegal substances can face fines of up to $500 and a class C misdemeanor. This is a relatively mild punishment and shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but things get much more serious once illegal substances are involved. This only applies to objects that don’t currently have any drugs in them though, and when objects are found containing the illegal substance things get much more serious.

    Drug Possession Penalties

    The most common drug crimes in Austin Texas are for possession of the drugs themselves. Drugs are split up into six different groups and different penalties are given out depending on the drug that is found. Below is a breakdown of the different drug groups.

    Group 1 – ketamine, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine
    Group 1a – LSD
    Group 2 – PCP, Marijuana oil, PCP, Ecstasy
    Group 2a – Synthetic cannabinoids
    Group 3 – Xanax, Valium, Ritalin
    Group 4 – Many different drugs containing dioninin, motofen, buprenorphine, and pyrovalerone

    The different charges for drug crimes in Austin, TX depend on the drugs that the person is caught holding onto. Groups 1 and 1a are the most serious and being caught with either of these drugs is a felony at the lowest and often a first-degree felony. It’s common to receive a sentence of between 10 and 99 years in jail for this crime.

    Getting caught with drugs from group 2 is a more mild sentence and is a minimum jail sentence of 5 years, but it’s common to receive more than 10 years if the crime is deemed an enhanced first-degree felony.

    When possessing drugs from groups 3 or 5 it’s considered a Class A misdemeanor or an enhanced first-degree felony. This crime comes with lower punishments but will often still result in 5 years or more of jail time.

    Penalty Severity is Situational

    While it’s possible to be caught with minor drugs like those in groups 3 or 4 and to avoid serving any jail time, or to do minor jail time, the severity of the punishment given out depends on the situation itself. Violators that are caught with small amounts of drugs for personal consumption are going to be treated much less severely than dealers that are caught with large amounts of drugs for sale. Either way, if you are charged with a drug crime it’s important to hire a DWI attorney in Austin TX to help you with your case. There are so many different drug crimes in Austin, TX that you need to worry about that it’s very beneficial to have a lawyer on your side to help sort everything out. Seek out the best-qualified lawyer to be on your side and you’ll have a better chance of being charged with a lesser crime when your case goes to court.
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