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Very tactical
I've had the pleasure of working with mr. Kiesling and i can say he did his job for me i would use him again because he's very up front and put his clients needs first and i also.see his dedication to the case
Muchas gracias por tan impecable y profesional trabajo. 100% recomendado!
Extremely Reasonable Deal
Chris M
If I could give 10 stars I would! I can't say enough good stuff about the service I received from Robert. My sons mother tried to take my son from me and as a loving father I was terrified by the belief that the mother always wins in court. Having never hired an attorney before I didn't know where to turn or what to do. I was troubled by the all the bad stories I have heard from my friends and their attorneys but I didn't have a choice. I turned to google, filled out a form on lawyermatch.com and was contacted by Robert within seconds of hitting summit. It was 7:00pm and he spent an hour on the phone with me talking over the details and putting my worries to rest. He never once made me full stupid, although I get his time is valuable he never tried to rush me, he didn't send me over to speak with his "team" and he didn't come at me with a hard sells pitch. After that first call I knew he was my lawyer. I checked out his reviews and could not find one bad thing about him. The next day we had a face to face consultation where we went over the case, asked what I wanted, gave me my odds and he once again put my fears of losing my son to rest. He made me an extremely reasonable deal considering the time this case would take. After I put him on retainer he was off like a pit bull! He was so well prepared that my sons mother and her lawyer decided to settle outside of court and gave me everything I wanted. From start to finish his communication, preparedness and level of service was top notch! Robert knows what he is doing, trust him! If he says something you can count on him getting it done. If you are looking for an attorney then look no further, call this guy and get the outcome you want.
Excellent Service and Outstanding Performance
Ron McNeill
I have utilized Mr. Kiesling's services on a variety of legal matters. In each case his, attention to my needs and hopes of successful legal outcomes was always apparent. Through his work, I have been able to resolve various frustrating and challenging legal matters. He has a wide range of knowledge across a large spectrum of law. I highly recommend that you call him FIRST regarding any legal issue and let him provide you with sound and proven results.
The best
When I called Robert he was very nice and he explains everything to me he was the epitome of professional sound legal advice, and really came through for our family. I highly recommend him he is the best. Thank you Robert I am so happy to have you worked on my case.
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