• Hiring: What Should I Look for in a DWI Attorney? [Guide]

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    A wild day with alcoholic drinks and narcotics is fun until you’re flagged down for DWI (driving while intoxicated). This irresponsible and compulsive choice will put you in tangles with the law. A DWI attorney in Austin TX will ensure that you’ll face charges as an informed and prepared defendant.

    Back in 2014, about 1.1 million drivers were charged with DWI and were subjected to the strain of violating the law. If you’re caught in the same situation, hiring a lawyer will be for the best of your interest. But remember that attorneys aren’t made equal. Make sure to look for the following:


    Lawyers have a variety of specialization. Just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t mean he can already represent you in court. Find an attorney that specializes in DWI cases and not just some random attorney that deals with taxes and corporate law.

    Having the specialization to such case means that the lawyer is skilled enough to gather evidence to defend your side. He or she will be confident that you can win the case.


    If you’re doubtful about your personal option, ask for references from friends, family, or online communities. You can also ask clerks, bailiffs, and reporters about lawyers who have worked on the same case in the past. Word of mouth is usually the best and fastest way to find an attorney. If you or someone got injured due to your DWI offense, make sure to get a personal injury lawyer in Austin TX to work on your case.


    A legal battle is the last thing you’d want to experience. It’s important that you seek the help of a committed attorney that will dedicate their time and resources to your case. Don’t get one who will simply represent and serve as our dummy. He should have your case at heart and will exhaust all means to make you a free man. It may look like a simple offense, but DWI can put under intense stress.


    The moment you meet your DWI attorney in Austin TX, ask about his experience in such cases and how he plans to handle your case. Inquire about how long he or she has been representing DWI defendants including his “success rates” on the said cases. An attorney with a good reputation will be the best bet, but remember that experience and track record always speak for itself.

    Legal fees

    DWI can be expensive. You just don’t lose your driver’s license and face the shame and strain. You also have to deal with higher insurance premiums, DWI fines, and possible jail time. With all these, it’s important that the DWI or personal injury lawyer in Austin TX you hire will charge reasonably. There are two types of attorney’s fees: an hourly fee or a flat fee. The latter is the cost of the service throughout the duration of the case.

    A DWI case is a crick in the neck for the defendants. Make sure to hire a reliable DWI attorney in Austin TX to get you covered.
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