• [Child Custody Lawyer:] 5 Points to Consider Before Hiring

    Child Custody Lawyer: 5 Points to Consider Before Hiring
    Undergoing a divorce proceeding or settling matters with your ex is an excruciating process. But with the help of a child custody lawyer in Austin, you will have a shot of fighting for your side. Such a lawyer will be your voice of reason between the other involved party. Aside from improving your footing on the child custody case, a lawyer can advise on how to shield your child from the emotional stress of such legalities.
    There’s a lot at stake on a child custody case. You need an experienced lawyer that can give you a clear picture of the proceedings. As a general rule, here’s what you’d want to look for to an attorney:

    1. Ability to settle child custody outside of court

    A lot of parents prefer to opt out of the exhausting court proceedings. They aren’t comfortable to let the judge decide or they don’t want other people to know the story behind the case. If you are one of them, you can ask your potential attorney for possible options. An experienced attorney should know how to deal with this type of case.

    2. Responsive on a regular basis

    One of the common complaints about a child custody or personal injury lawyer Austin, TX is the failure to respond regularly. This adds up to the strain parents have to go through. When you’re about to hire an attorney, make sure to ask about how you can reach them. Make sure that they amenable to return calls as soon as possible. But take note the lawyers can’t answer every call. Everything should be pre-scheduled.

    3. Knowledgeable of penalties and types of custody

    Child support and child custody come hand in hand and this where the case gets trickier. Make sure that the lawyer will explain to you how everything goes. Take note that you can’t withhold child support just because the custodial parent is denying you of visitation rights. You need a lawyer to address this concern and to possibly grant you scheduled visitation for the child.

    4. Specialization

    Lawyers who claim to have specialization in a lot of family cases are difficult to trust. It’s best to hire one with a concentration on child custody and related proceedings. This way, you know that your attorney has the experience and knowledge of your case. They are also less distracted if they are dealing with just a single aspect of family law. A personal injury lawyer Austin, TX who claims to have the ability to handle your case isn’t one to trust.

    5. Cost of service

    Parents want to be represented well, but not all of them can afford hefty fees. It’s important that a lawyer of your choice offers a reasonable rate that won’t compromise the service. Somehow, it’s normal for attorney’s fees to fluctuate but always ask for the overall cost so you can prepare ahead.

    A child custody lawyer in Austin can help on these types of proceedings. These five factors are the basics that you should look for, and if you have doubts, further research will serve you well.

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