• Hiring: What Should I Look for in a DWI Attorney? [Guide]
    dwi attorney austin tx
    A wild day with alcoholic drinks and narcotics is fun until you’re flagged down for DWI (driving while intoxicated). This irresponsible and compulsive choice will put you in tangles with the law. A DWI attorney in Austin TX will ensure that you’ll face charges as an informed and prepared defendant.

    Back in 2014, about 1.1 million drivers were charged with DWI and were subjected to the strain of violating the law. If you’re caught in the same situation, hiring a lawyer will be for the best of your interest. But remember that attorneys aren’t made equal. Make sure to look for the following:


    Lawyers have a variety of specialization. Just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t mean he can already represent ...
  • [Child Custody Lawyer:] 5 Points to Consider Before Hiring
    Child Custody Lawyer: 5 Points to Consider Before Hiring
    Undergoing a divorce proceeding or settling matters with your ex is an excruciating process. But with the help of a child custody lawyer in Austin, you will have a shot of fighting for your side. Such a lawyer will be your voice of reason between the other involved party. Aside from improving your footing on the child custody case, a lawyer can advise on how to shield your child from the emotional stress of such legalities.
    There’s a lot at stake on a child custody case. You need an experienced lawyer that can give you a clear picture of the proceedings. As a general rule, here’s what you’d want to look for to an attorney:

    1. Ability to settle child custody outside of court

    A lot ...
  • [Types] of Drug Crimes in Austin, TX
    Types of Drug Crimes in Austin, TX
    Drug charges are very serious in Austin Texas and it’s really important to understand all the different drug charges if you live in the state, especially if you have been charged for something like possession. Take the time to learn about the different forms of possession and the penalties that come along with different drug types and you’ll have a much better idea of what you can expect if you or someone else close to you is caught with illegal drugs. We’ll explain what to expect and also how you can get help with a qualified DWI attorney in Austin, TX to help reduce your charges.

    Possession of Paraphernalia

    The first type of drug crimes in Austin TX doesn’t involve any drugs at all, but the items ...
  • What to do after a car accident? [Things To Know]
    What to do after a car accident?
    People get into accidents every day of the week, and many of them aren’t too sure about what they should do after getting hit. It’s surprising, and most people are in shock after getting into an accident, which is exactly why you should take the time to learn more about what to do after getting into an accident. With a full understanding of the steps you should take, you might be able to resolve the issue without needing help from a car accident attorney in Austin.

    Get to Safety

    First and foremost, after getting into an accident you need to do everything you can to make sure everyone is safe. If anyone is seriously injured, call for medical help as soon as possible. If someone is in a dangerous ...
  • Most common types of personal injury cases in Texas
    personal injury cases in Texas
    The most common personal injury claims across the United States arise from car accidents. This should be no surprise considering that most adults own and drive at least one vehicle. In many cities, it‘s not uncommon to have thousands of vehicles on the roadway at any given time.

    This is the same in Texas. In 2015, there were 37,333 car accident claims—the highest number ever in one year. Texas is the second most populous state in the nation, and this amount of claims shows it.

    Medical malpractice is also growing across the country. It is not entirely sure why, since we have so many resources available to doctors nowadays. It is possible that stress and time ...